Established in September 2003, Haitian Orphans Wish (H.O.W) is a 501(c)(3) organization based and registered in the State of New York, USA.

The mission of H.O.W is to provide short and long-term physical, financial, educational and nutritional help to as many Haitians orphans as possible. We also want increase self-sufficiency by providing vocational educations to these children as they become the future leaders of Haiti.

H.O.W is comprised of many dedicated friends who came together to help the abandoned children in Haiti. Our members have taken a personal stand to make sure that Haiti’s disadvantaged children are the only ones who benefit from our donations. We gather and send food, clothing, school supplies, built and finance school programs as well as other necessities to Haitian organizations and other programs that benefit those children.

The catastrophic earthquake of 2010 and the cholera epidemic, only served to exacerbate all of Haiti’s problems. As a result, H.O.W donated over $15,000 to the Earthquake Relief Fund that was established to provide assistance to Haitians. H.O.W also has supported organizations such as the “International Red Cross”, “Doctors without Borders” and “Habitat for Humanity” in their effort to provide humanitarian relief to Haiti.

We need your support and participation to help these orphanages and other projects which H.O.W itself initiates.

H.O.W operates entirely on an all-volunteer board and without a compensated staff. As a result, all funds we receive benefit our charities 100%.