Introducing Timoun Kap Planté (TKP): Empowering Haitian Children Through Home Gardening to Combat Food Insecurity

Amidst the current food insecurity in Haiti, The Haitian Orphans Wish Organization (H.O.W.) launched a program to empower children in schools, churches, orphanages, and summer camps to cultivate tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables at home in bags, boxes, bottles, or if available in the soil. Our dedicated staff and volunteers will produce and distribute seedlings along with instructions.

 We are starting in Nord Est, particularly Ounaminthe, but we intend to expand it throughout Haiti. 

Promoting Agriculture for a Self-Sufficient Haiti

It’s time to dismantle the misconception that farming is exclusive to the lower class. Recent events in the Dominican Republic have spurred us into action, underscoring the vital importance of self-sufficiency. HAITI MUST BE SELF-SUFFICIENT AGAIN.

This initiative is designed to instill an appreciation for agriculture in the younger generation, paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future.