About Us

Our Story

From the humble beginnings of a tiny seed, a powerful tree has flourished, its roots deeply entwined with the community’s aspirations. H.O.W.’s inaugural fundraising event took place in the intimate confines of the Sacred Heart church auditorium nestled in Cambria Heights. Since that modest inception, H.O.W. has blossomed into a towering force within the Haitian diaspora, proudly standing as one of the most impactful non-profit organizations in the New York Tri-State Area.

As we celebrated our twentieth anniversary in September 2023, we are thankful for the support that fuels our mission to make a difference and eagerly look forward to the chapters yet to be written.

What We Achieve

Haitian Orphans Wish (H.O.W.) targets the urgent challenges Haitian orphans face, including hunger and homelessness. Our focus, however, is on the transformative power of education. Through our steadfast support of the SCEP vocational sewing school in Fontamara since 2016, we’ve helped hundreds of students secure a three-year degree, setting the stage for their future.

We’ve donated thousands of school uniforms, solar-powered lanterns, and fully stocked book bags to underprivileged institutions, empowering Haiti’s orphaned youth to overcome poverty and fulfill their dreams.

Our Members

Meet the dedicated individuals driving our mission forward

Marcel Toussaint

Founder President

Francis Chery

Assistant Secretary

Marie Line Lubin


Gladys Christophe

H.O.W Member

Frantz Malvoisin

H.O.W Member

Rollande Jolibois

H.O.W Member

Jacques Guillaume

H.O.W Member

Gina Desire

H.O.W Member

Gregory Guillaume

H.O.W Member

Mireille Midi

H.O.W Member

Stefan Toussaint

H.O.W Member

Myriam Guerrier

H.O.W Member