About Us

Our Story

What started as a tiny seed quickly grew into a powerful tree that became taller and stronger every year. H.O.W’s first fundraising event was in the small auditorium of the Sacred Heard church located in Cambria Heights. Since then, H.O.W has grown to become one of the most successful Haitian non-profit organizations in the New York Tri-State Area, thanks to the inspiration, vision, and dedication of H.O.W members.

In the coming years, H.O.W intends to finance other vocational schools to support Haitian youth and to donate an additional book bags to educational institutions.

What We Achieve

Haitian orphans face a multitude of issues, the most pressing ones being hunger and lack of shelter. Over the years, however, H.O.W has realized that the lack of access to education remains a key obstacle to social and economic development in Haiti, and has decided to attempt to improve the children’s path to a better education.

More recently, H.O.W has donated school uniforms and one thousand (1,000) book bags filled with school supplies to several orphanages and needy educational institutions. H.O.W also started supporting a vocational sewing school in Fontamara and is committed to financing all the operating costs.

Our Members

Meet the dedicated individuals driving our mission forward

Marcel Toussaint

Founder President

Francis Chery

Assistant Secretary

Marie Line Lubin


Gladys Christophe

H.O.W Member

Frantz Malvoisin

H.O.W Member

Rollande Jolibois

H.O.W Member

Jacques Guillaume

H.O.W Member

Gina Desire

H.O.W Member

Gregory Guillaume

H.O.W Member

Mireille Midi

H.O.W Member

Stefan Toussaint

H.O.W Member

Myriam Guerrier

H.O.W Member