Lascaho Children Fund

Haitian Orphans Wish (H.O.W) is a proud sponsor of 40 orphaned children, providing them with an opportunity to receive quality education at the Hispaniola Christian School. With our monthly contributions, we ensure that the financial burden of tuition is alleviated, allowing these children to focus on their academics. The school is situated in the heart of Lascahobas Plateau Central in Haiti, a location that serves as a beacon of hope amidst challenging circumstances.

Under the leadership of Dalida Jeunes, the Hispaniola Christian School has established itself as an institution that combats illiteracy and poverty. The organization firmly believes in the transformative power of education, using it as a tool to break the cycle of impoverishment. By focusing on education, the school aims to provide these children with the necessary skills and knowledge to rise above their circumstances and create a better future for themselves.

The staff at the Hispaniola Christian School is a dedicated group of individuals who are committed to improving the lives of the children under their care. They understand that each child is a unique individual with their dreams and aspirations. Hence, they work tirelessly to provide an environment that nurtures these dreams and encourages the children to reach their full potential.

Living below the poverty line presents numerous challenges for these children. However, the school’s commitment goes beyond just providing education. They are dedicated to addressing the holistic needs of the children, from their mental well-being to their physical health. In doing so, they ensure that the children are not only academically equipped but also emotionally and physically ready to face the world.

H.O.W’s sponsorship is not just about providing financial support. It’s about instilling hope, empowering these children to dream big, and providing them with the means to achieve these dreams. Our sponsorship is a testament to our belief in the power of education and its ability to transform lives.

In conclusion, H.O.W’s sponsorship of these 40 orphaned children is a significant step towards making a lasting difference in their lives. By ensuring their education at the Hispaniola Christian School, we are contributing to a brighter future for these children, their community, and ultimately, Haiti itself. We remain committed to this cause, and we are continually inspired by the resilience and determination of these children as they strive to better their lives through education.

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