Haitian Orphans Wish (H.O.W) has been providing assistance to Haitian children by feeding, sheltering and promoting educational opportunities throughout Haiti. H.O.W does not encourage or promote the adoption of children anywhere in Haiti.Haiti Star.pptx

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H.O.W was founded in 2003 and has helped numerous orphanages and schools in several cities of Haiti. H.O.W also has donated over $15,000 to the Earthquake Relief Fund that was established to provide assistance to Haitians, after an earthquake devastated the Port au Prince area on January 12th 2010 and killed over 300,000 people. H.O.W also has supported organizations such as the “International Red Cross”, “Doctors without Borders” and “Habitat for Humanity” in their effort to provide humanitarian relief to Haiti. H.O.W also donated hundreds of water purification systems through “Gift of Water, Inc” during the 2010 Cholera epidemic. In need of help? Learn how to get sponsored by H.O.W here.


La Solution Centre Professionnelle S.C.P
Haitian Orphans Wish is proud to announce the opening of “La Solution Centre Professional” S.C.P located at 43 Rue Memos Fontamara Haiti. The newly opened Sewing School was founded by Pastor Pierre Sebonheur and is run by four dedicated teachers. The school is entirely funded by H.O.W.
The school offers a two year program that will culminate with a sewing certificate. The curriculum includes sewing instructions (fabrics, patterns, and designs), fashion designs and clothes making. Upon graduation, H.O.W will provide micro loans and grants to all qualified graduates interested in opening their own businesses. H.O.W will also encourage the diaspora to purchase their products like Pepe Bayard and Guayabelle shirts and dresses

Lascaho Children Fund
H.O.W sponsors 40 orphaned children with a monthly contribution that is used to pay for their tuition at the Hispaniola Christian School, located in Lascahobas Plateau Central in Haiti. This organization, headed by Dalida Jeunes, fights illiteracy and poverty by focusing on education. The staff is dedicated to improve the lives of the children that are living below the poverty line.

Canteens for the Children of Haiti
Canteens for the Children of Haiti, Inc. is a nonprofit, charitable relief organization that delivers daily meals and other necessities to many disadvantage children in La Plaine Haiti. These children lack the basic nutrition and after school support program needed for them to succeed in this impoverish area. No child can learn in an empty stomach. Canteen is the only hope for these children to get a nutritious meal during certain school days. See their video on Youtube here.

Fondation Marty
The goal of this organization is to feed and provide an education to many orphans and other neighboring children of Croix-Des Bouquets. They are located on the outskirt of Port-au-Prince. H.O.W has been helping this organization since the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010.   To donate directly, contact them at 26 Marassa 12, Croix-Des Bouquets Port Au Prince Haiti or donate directly at

La Maison des Agneaux de Dieu (NEHLN)
bene4 This is supported by the Lutheran Mission in Haiti and is located in the north east town of Ouanaminthe, Haiti. They support children who were born in a deprived economical and political environment. The girl’s orphanage houses about 50 girls and a newly built boy’s orphanage houses about 20 boys. An onsite primary school serves about 180 children.   H.O.W provides books, uniforms and school supplies to this institution. It is not called an orphanage because the leaders, Rev. Daniel Paul and his wife, are considered the adoptive parents and they take care of the children until they become adults.   Please support them directly at

Komite ti Fanmi Nou de Diakonos (Diakonos International)
bene5 This orphanage is located in Carrefour, which was the epic center of the 2010 devastating earthquake. Following the earthquake, H.O.W donated a water tank to this orphanage to help provide clean water for the children. H.O.W continues to provide assistance by financing a series of specific projects.   Diakonos offers a fresh and dynamic approach to confront Haiti’s orphans and homeless crisis, by providing a Family Home called “Kominote Ti Fanmi Nou” (meaning “Community for Our Families”) in the neighboring city of Port-au-Prince, called Carrefour. The home houses about 20 children in a friendly, family atmosphere. It is governed by the principles of Love and Compassion and the Word of God. It provides nurturing and holistic care to parentless, abandoned, homeless and/or rejected children.

L’orphenilat Villa des Tournesols
This orphanage is located in Cavaillon, town in the southern part of Haiti. It is owned and operated by the Sisters of Charity of Saint-Hyacinthe. They are presently housing about 25 young girls, from the ages of 4 to about 12. All the girls attend either the nursery or the elementary school operated by the Sisters. The orphanage is funded solely through donations.   H.O.W will be funding specific projects such as the construction of a fence in an effort to provide greater protection for the children. They are in desperate need of help.   Their mailing address is: Maison Regionale 146 Ave. PanAmericaine Petionville, Haiti W.I.

Soeurs Redemptrices de Nazareth bene6
H.O.W sponsored this orphanage located in Kenskoff, Haiti with monthly monetary contributions for eight years until it was closed by the Haitian Government in June 2012.

Charities of the Divine Mercy 
H.O.W supported the “Charities of the Divine Mercy / Les Oeuvres de la Divine Misericorde” located in Delmas, Port-au-Prince, Haiti for four years. This organization is no longer operational.

In need of help? Learn how to get sponsored by H.O.W here.