A Concert For Timoun Kap Plante


Haitian Orphans Wish (H.O.W) is delighted to extend an invitation to you for our upcoming event, “A Concert for Timoun Kap Planté”, taking place on Sunday, March 17th, 2024. This concert is not just a celebration of music and culture, but also an affirmation of our commitment to Haiti’s development and self-sufficiency.

H.O.W has been fervently engaged with the Kanal workers in Ounaminthe, contributing to the near completion of the Kanal. This significant development marks a turning point for Haiti, symbolizing progress, resilience, and growth potential. The emergence of the Kanal is paving the way toward self-sufficiency, and H.O.W takes immense pride in having been a part of this journey.

In the spirit of fostering self-reliance and sustainable growth, H.O.W is thrilled to introduce the Timoun Kap Planté (TKP) program. This initiative is designed to encourage students across Haiti to engage in agriculture, cultivating vegetable seedlings such as tomatoes and hot peppers. These seedlings are generously provided by our dedicated H.O.W team.

We firmly believe that the youth of Haiti hold the key to its future. By instilling in them the importance of agriculture, we aim to equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute to their nation’s growth. The TKP program is more than just an agricultural initiative – it’s a movement towards a sustainable and prosperous future for Haiti.

The upcoming concert is a celebration of these initiatives and the promising future they represent. The Kanal serves as a symbolic starting point, a testament to Haiti’s potential for growth and prosperity. Join us as we come together to celebrate this milestone, cheer on our youth, and look forward to a brighter future for Haiti.