Membership in H.O.W is different from many organization where members are passive and not involved in the running of organization. A membership in H.O.W is to become a provider of Love, Care and Compassion  to our disadvantage children of Haiti. Every decision is voted on and approved by the members. We donated the prize items for our raffles, the food at our Boat Ride and every members pays to attend every of our events. Friendship and the desire to serve is the bond that keeps us together. We will be delighted if you can join us as one of what we called the “H.O.W Family”.

We have two types of members:

Active Members have the power to vote, and therefore must attend all monthly General Assembly meetings. They have the right to participate or run for any committee offices in the Organization. They can recruit other members on behalf of the Organization. Active members are encouraged to collect donations, organize food and clothing drives, and plan other types of fundraising in the pursuit of promoting awareness of the orphaned children of Haiti.

 Honorary Members This membership status is awarded to those individuals or organizations in appreciation of services rendered and/or their dedication to the plight of orphaned children of Haiti. They can attend General Assembly meetings, but they do not have the right
to vote.

Members shall seek no remuneration or reimbursement for their work on behalf of the Organization. H.O.W requires strict accountability from all.

To become a member, contact us here or email us at .