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First, as an organization, we would like to thank you for your dedication in helping Haiti’s most inopportune, the impoverished orphaned children. Your love and support for these children surely has boosted their spirits and helped them see that there are people in this world who are selfless and thoughtful.  Your hard work and devotion to this cause is very commendable, and again we appreciate your cause.

This cause is very dear to the members of H.O.W., currently comprised of about 20 friends and family members are determined to assist.   We have each declared not to profit in anyway from the organization we have created. We meet monthly to plan fundraisers, gather any donations that we may have received, discuss the dire situation in Haiti and decide what our role can be in the lives of these children.


Now that you have some information on our organization, we would like to gather some information on yours. H.O.W. is always looking for a legitimate orphanage based in Haiti that has the same goals and values that we do. We have also included a questionnaire that, if you would like to be considered to receive help from H.O.W., we would like to be filled out for us to make a decision on how we can help your charity. We also require this information to provide legal and accurate information to the U.S. government to maintain our not for profit status. Any and all information and/or documentation that can be provided would be appreciated.


Please complete and submit the form with the required information. H.O.W will contact you when a decision is made for assistance.

Name and relationship of the person filling this form?

 Name Relationship to Orphanage
Email: Phone No.

Information about the orphanage requesting assistance:

Orphanage name:  No. of kids?
City State Zip Code
Phone Web site
Administrator name
Do you have a permit from ONG? Yes No  Provide copy


Are you providing schooling? Yes No
If yes, provide details like:location of school, school in house,  number of kids, teachers,  and other details:


How is the orphanage/organization  financed?
 Primary funding source Secondary source:
 Any association to US organization?
Association to any Non Profit organizations? Provide details?

Do you have a specific project in need of assistance?


How did you hear about H.O.W?
Did any H.O.W member visited your orphanage? Provide name and time.


Are you willing to let H.O.W members or their representative visit your orphanage and meet the children?